Students and learners around the world have been affected by the COVID crisis. The education sector was not as fortunate as the rest of the world in finding other ways to run their businesses. The lockdown has disrupted traditional teaching methods, and colleges now look to online tutoring or homeschooling as their only options. This article will discuss on-demand tutor app development solutions.

Many mobile app development companies have received many requests to create an app for tutoring on-demand since the pandemic. Although the project isn't challenging for an IT service provider, it has caused a shift in how schools and colleges offer their teachings.

This blog provides information about the top primary and advanced features you can add to your on-demand tutoring application.

Need for an Online Tutor App Development

Online tutor app development is a necessity for educational institutions. People are increasingly using mobile apps to accomplish their daily routines, thanks to the widespread adoption of smartphones and other digital devices. The world has responded positively to digitalization, and the education industry has seen massive growth following the adoption of digital media. The education sector was able to circulate its products using educational apps after the pandemic. During the pandemic, mobile apps were the only way to distribute learning materials.

In the past year, online tutoring platforms for K-12 have made significant revenue. This sector generated over 600 million dollars in revenue in 2020. Between 2019 and 23, the market is expected to grow at 23% CAGR.

Apps are the most popular way to access any service. In 2020, mobile apps generated around 581 billion dollars in revenue. A solid mobile app is all you need to capture a small slice of this market. Your app will quickly gain a loyal following if you focus on app development and provide the basic features consumers most want.

The pandemic forced everyone to keep their social distance, so educational institutions have turned to digital platforms to run teaching sessions. Education sectors have seen a tremendous acceleration after including mobile apps. Many learners and tutors are now more comfortable using digital media than traditional classrooms.

A Big Shift Toward Educational and Online Tutoring Service Apps

The mass adoption of digital platforms has increased after the pandemic. Due to their accessibility and basic functionalities, on-demand tutoring service apps and other educational applications are rapidly gaining popularity.

The eLearning Industry Has Accelerated Digitalization.

According to statistics:

  • By 2025, the global E-Learning market will reach $650 billion.
  • The US market for corporate eLearning is expected to reach $38 billion in 2024.
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality is the future of eLearning.
  • Switching to eLearning can help corporate save up to 60% on their time.

Tutor on demand app development was a requirement for the modern era after its enormous success. All those in the educational field should embrace digital media and incorporate the most recent features available through the on-demand tutor application.

Essential Features for Online Tutor App Development

To give your on-demand tutoring app an advantage in today's competitive world, you should integrate multiple features. The following features can be integrated into an online tutor application by a business owner involved in education.

Sign Up and Log in Seamlessly

Owners who use a mobile app to launch their business should aim for maximum downloads and high user engagement. First and foremost, you need to grab their attention by making it easy for them to sign up and log in. The app will be more valuable if it is easy to sign in or log in.

It is long past the time when sign-up and login sections could be complicated. The user doesn't want to be overwhelmed when signing up for the application. This process should be simplified for users to avoid getting stuck initially. This process can be made easy with a variety of options. Sign-ups via Facebook or Google can be quick and easy and allow users to access in-app content.

Advanced Search

After a user has completed their registration, they can sign in to search for the courses that interest them. When users search for courses by keywords, it is their responsibility to ensure they have suitable learning materials. Your app must contain both long-tail and short-tail keywords that are easily understood by average users.

An intelligent algorithm should be developed to guess what the user is searching for. Each user may not know the spelling of every course they are trying to search for. An advanced search feature, which can automatically learn the spelling of what a user is searching for, will be able to do the trick.

Engagement Assessments

The best way to generate engagement is through an on-demand tutor booking app. Although it may seem odd to ask: "How can an E-Learning App make it interactive?" Interactive quizzes or interactive games can be included in interactive learning platforms. There might be eBooks that provide interactive ways to use an app.

Gamification can make tests more fun. Gamification can be used to encourage users to return to the app and complete the test again and again. You can achieve this by using features such as revision trackers, reward functionality, and tracking the test. These elements will enhance the user's learning experience and enable them to interact with your application.

Offline Tutoring Sessions and Notes

Learning is open to all. Many giant apps on the market offer offline access to services. This is because the internet isn't available everywhere, no matter how successful the business model is or what service offerings are. However, learning should be accessible in all places.

Other applications, such as YouTube and Netflix, offer offline access. You can also download videos to view offline. Online tuition and eLearning apps should also offer offline access so students can download lectures and notes to study later.

Top Courses

It's a smart way to draw more people to your website. Students can get a broad idea of the app's capabilities and learning habits by listing the top courses on their home page. List the courses that add value to your online tuition mobile app.

This section is visible at Udemy. This has resulted in a greater content repository and increased total users. You can attract more people if you have all the required courses and values in one place.

Multiple Learning Channels

Multiple learning channels can be provided by online learning apps. Mobile applications allow learners to access numerous media, including video lectures, notes, and MCQs. The learning channels don't restrict learners. This feature gives users greater access to the application's content.

Take a Look at Where You Left Off

The exact process should be used for tutor app development. The feature must be available to allow the learner to return to the specific section they were in during the lecture. Although it sounds simple, this can be difficult to do.

Instructional Log

Your online tutor app should allow communication between student and tutor. This feature allows the learner to interact with the instructor and receive instructions. The user can talk directly to the instructor, discuss a topic, participate in the lecture/lecture and share ideas. The app allows users to ask questions to teachers and receive live responses. This feature is available to students and users as well as teachers. Teachers can also post questions and have students answer them between classes. This additional feature can give you an extra edge in learning and interaction with the online tuition app.

Personalized Dashboard

A personalized dashboard should be available for tutoring apps with customized recommendations and a history of courses viewed. Your algorithm should be able to learn the preferences of a user and provide relevant recommendations.

The dashboard should provide recommendations for related courses based on browsing history and purchases. This is similar to what an eCommerce platform offers by showing users their most frequently purchased items.

Interactive Learning & Assessments

If you stick to the traditional learning methods, your app could become dull. If there's no interactive learning, your app will be no different from an e-book. You shouldn't find the tests boring. Learning through gamification is a great way to learn.

You can also add a test to each chapter by using these exciting features. A revision tracker can be added at the end of each chapter. Students should be free to choose the type of test most appropriate for them.


Both entrepreneurs and users can reap the benefits of an online tuition program. Digitalization is rapidly gaining ground in the education sector. It can be used to enhance learning and increase productivity. Talk to a top tutor app development services company to discuss your app idea and the features you would like to include. Get on the fast track to becoming a booming educational sector.